Polished Dirt Spheres! What?

Have I lost my mind? Sadly, no. I am still sane. But, I am still having a hard time believing this. There is a Japanese art called Hikaru Dorodango which translates to “Shiny mud balls” in English. Japanese people of all ages practice the art form of rolling dirt/mud into spheres and polishing them. Interesting right? Here are steps to make your own polished mud sphere!

1. Soak some dirt in tap water until it is a thick mud.

2. Roll the mud into a sphere while gently squeezing the water out.

3. When the mud dries, pack the sphere harder.

4. Rub your hands in normal dry dirt and proceed to cover your mud sphere with the powdery dirt for about two hours.

5. Once you’re satisfied with the shape of your sphere, put it in a sealed plastic bag on a soft area (like a pillow) for three or for hours.

6. Remove the sphere and if it is not wet, start polishing your sphere with a soft cloth.

I tried and failed at making my very own dorodango. My ball cracked in half during Step 5, but I will try again sometime this week with hopefully more success.

This dorodango is made of ashes!

This dorodango is made of ashes!

Image Credit To: DaJJHman

Edited By: Daniel and Jordan