Goodbye Cruel World! Plus Baby Seals. And Porpoises.

The end of school is coming, and I am happy. I am not keeping my blog so I am closing my blog down with some pictures of baby Harper seals. (and porpoises) 🙂






I just want a hug :)                                          



Image Credit To: SealsRus, Harper, Jtious and Dolphinguy

Roots Of Empathy

Our class is going to have a baby visit! His name is Elliot. He is only two months old. Do you know what the Roots Of Empathy program is? The ROE program (Roots of Empathy) is a program designed to increase empathy in children and reduce aggression towards others. I’ve done it before, it was a quite a few years back in Grade One or Two. In the program, a baby comes in with his/her mother and the class sings a few songs and observes the babies reactions.

Empathy is the understanding of others. One thing about this is that young babies cannot see clearly farther than 20 centimetres in front of them. They are also susceptible to germs so we can’t touch him. Today we had a “pre-visit” where we learned about babies and what they can do early on. To test us, we had for example a question saying “babies need to be touched for healthy development” we had two cards, one saying “True” the other “False” we choose a card to hold up for each question.

Image: Happy by Daniel*1977