Paranormal Cativity?

You must be wondering “What in the hell is he talking about?” Well, I have something to tell you! My cats are paranormal… Actually, a more accurate word to describe them is THEY ARE REALLY ANNOYING AT NIGHT!

Seriously, they meow and meow and jump on my chest and meow in my face and before we can catch them, they run under my bed. Wow. And then, once we start to go back to sleep, they climb out and meow their little faces off. So we have to outsmart them… What I do is I know that one cat, Minkey is attracted to running water from the tap, once she hears it, she climbs out and jumps into the sink and tries to drink from the tap, then I grab her and put her outside. Another one, Lynx, isn’t that smart so it is fairly easy to catch him, you just be really quiet and once he comes out from under the bed you grab him. Granville is one of the trickiest cats to catch. She meows from underneath the bed! I have to climb underneath the bed and grab her then climb out without her escaping.

Do you have a cat? Do they annoy you at night? How do you outsmart them? Tell me in a comment below!


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Image credit to: Jeffeaton


5 thoughts on “Paranormal Cativity?

  1. Hi Max,
    I don’t have a cat now, but my sister has one, that likes drinking water from a dripping tap. I enjoy watching it. And I never get annoyed when she meows when she wants me to open the door, which she can do herself, if it doesn’t happen at night, of course. 🙂

  2. I like the look of your cat, Max. She seems to be listening to what we are saying about her. 😉

    Max, this week challenge is about showing your creativity. Are you ready for it? – Good luck! 🙂

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